Calorimeter, Sulfur Analyzer, Coal Analyzer

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Ruko Taman Yasmin Sektor VI No. 134, Jl. Ring Road Utara, Curug Mekar, Bogor
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Detail Calorimeter, Sulfur Analyzer, Coal Analyzer

Sulfur Analyzer, Coal Batubara Tester, Alat Test Batu Bara, Bomb Calorimeter, test batubara, coal testing, coal drilling machine, coal sample preparation,

contact ,

Telp 0251-7543316, email : karyamitrausaha@

Bomb Calorimeter, contact, sulfur analyzer batubara, alat test coal, alat test kalori batubara, kalori minyak, dll ,

Telp 0251-7543316, email : karyamitrausaha@ . .

Bomb Calorimeter with Digital Differential Temperature ( DDT) / Firing Unit ( FU) provides an accurate, simple & inexpensive method for determination of Heat of Combustion, Calorific Values & Sulphur contents of solid & liquid fuels.

The Digital Differential Temperature / Firing Unit with Electronic Timer Beep is having following


Temperature Indication :

3 ½ Digit

- Digital Display Differential

Temperature Range :

0 - 10º C

Reading Accuracy of Temperature :

0.01º C

Firing Voltage for Bomb : 12 V AC LED

Indication for filament continuity LED Indication for Bomb Calorimeter

Combustion Bomb body machined from corrosion-resistance stainless steel alloy

Each bomb tested at a pressure of 300 kg/ cm² or 10 minutes Offset stirrer precluded heat from motor to calorimeter vessel Easy to handle and operate Bomb Calorimeter Model KMCC01M2 is supplied with:

1.Combustion bomb

2. Calorimeter with Bomb support

3.Combined lid for calorimeter Vessel & jacket

4. Water Jacket

5. Stirrer

6. Connecting leads

7. Copper connecting tube to connect the fine adjustment Valve with pressure gauge to Oxygen cylinder ( Oxygen Cylinder is not supplied by us)

8. Adjustable spanner

9. Ignition wire ( 20 Meters) Nichrome ( 36 SWG)

10. Cotton Reel

11. Stand for Bomb lid

12.Hook for lifting Bomb

13.Crucible-2 nos. ( SS)

14. Gelatin Capsule 50 nos.

15. O – rings for Bomb & Stirrer ( one set each)

16. Instruction Manual

17. Valve for Bomb

18. Valve Key

19. Benzoic Acid ( 10 tablets)

20. Pellet press

21. Platinum wire ( optional at extra cost)

22. Gas Releasing Valve Special features of our system:

a. Our water calorimeter is filled with highly insulated special material to avoid any temperature radiation and hence no temperature correction is required.

b. SOFTWARE: Our Digital Differential Temperature/ Firing unit is provided with RS 232C Interface so that you can connect this unit with computer using software ( COMPUTER at an extra cost) to get AUTOMATIC CALCULATION of Calorific value.

ANNEXURE – A Features of Software:

1. Setting of timer from 0 – 300 sec. for Initial temperature stability

2.Memory Storage ( All data will be stored in computer)

3.Display / printing of temperature readings / calorific value in all experiments

4.Software will Automatically detect the maximum rise in temperature

5.Automatic Calculation of calorific value in Kg. ( Conversion to Btu / lb)

6.Printing of water equivalent / calorific value format for every experiment.

7.Report for individual experiment ( One complete experiment includes water equivalent , calorific value etc.)

8.Printing and saving of Report for one / all experiments.

9.Printing and review of experimental results with specific selection of sample / analyst / date etc. on weekly / fortnightly / monthly or as per required time period .

10.Deletion of any data as & when required.

11.Automatic corrections of calorific value for Fuse wire , Cotton thread and optional for Nitric Acid & others. . . Bomb Calorimeter,

Contact us :

Company Name :

PT. Karya Mitra Usaha Supply High Performance Product and Providing Quality Services

Company Address :

Jl. Ring Road Utara Ruko Taman Yasmin VI Sektor VI, No 134 Bogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Telp 0251-7543316, Fax 0251-7543281 email : karyamitrausaha@, bomb calorimeter

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